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On Miró and Meaning: A Review

Blue II - Joan Miró (1961) © Successió Miró

I recently saw the new Miró retrospective at the Tate Modern in London (for free, thanks to a friend who works there – thank you S!). Despite the exhibition focusing on an artist whose work – 20th century Surrealism – couldn’t be further from my own research on 18th century engravings, I couldn’t help but be struck by the fact that Miró’s oeuvre essentially raises the same questions that I am trying to work through in my thesis. Namely, from where or what the ‘meaning’ in an image is derived, and how does the process of interpreting that meaning work for the individual viewer?

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Do oranges feel pain?

Technically, I started this blog with the intention of writing insightful mini-essays on art, culture and the odd bit of omphaloskepsis* to keep my loyal minions educated and entertained. That said, I don’t really feel like writing anything personal or profound at the moment, primarily because I don’t like to write things out until I’ve really processed them in my mind. There’s a lot of extraneous crap going on at the moment in Owl of Derision’s nest (owls have nests, right?), and I’d rather not inflict it upon you until I’ve dealt with all the emotional angst and can filter my thoughts through my normal medium of deadpan verbosity. So today, a treat for you all. Instead of an essay with Big Words, I present to you a List Of Things I Enjoy For Whatever Reason (LOTIEFWR). Like the ragged and malnourished inhabitants of a Victorian workhouse after being allowed a dollop of  jam on their gruel to celebrate the Royal Jubilee, you will undoubtedly regard this as a rare and exquisite experience, to be remembered every night as you lie, fitfully dreaming, on your plank-and-straw mattress in the draughty garret.

Hmm. I digress. Without further ado (apart from pausing to say ‘Without further ado’), my LOTIEFWR:

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