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The Way We Look Now

This is how I dress. This isn't actually me. But feel free to pretend that it is.

Grovelling apologies for the hiatus in posting, but I’ve been busy engaging in Extreme Awesomeness* (there’s a campaign to make it an Olympic sport by 2012). Today’s post is brought to you from the depths of my wardrobe, where I have been searching for Narnia and something to wear tonight down t’pub. The resultant tantrum – of the I WANT TO BURN ALL MY CLOTHES variety – got me thinking about the importance of clothing and dress in our self-presentation. Why do we wear what we wear, and, from a feminist/intellectual perspective, is it possible to justify a love of clothes, make-up and ‘dressing up’?

The observation that dress is a key component of our projected identity is hardly a new one. But before you call me Captain Obvious, what I’m thinking about in this post is not the general social implications of ‘clothing’ – the adoption of ritual costume, or uniform, or any other sartorial markers of distinct cultural identity. Instead, I’ve been considering the thought processes that I undergo while choosing clothes in an everyday context, and how this fits into notions of psychological, gendered and class-based identity. (Yeah, deep, huh? This is how I justify reading Elle instead of The Economist on the bus).

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adieu tristesse/bonjour tristesse

This is my first proper foray into blogging. I do use Twitter, sporadically, but I worry about turning into the kind of person who lovingly documents every meal, television programme and crowded Tube journey for the delectation of a not-so-fascinated public. I don’t intend for this blog to be like that. Rather, it has several (serious) purposes. But before elaborating upon those (‘What could they possibly be?’ I hear you cry), I should first make the obligatory apologia for having the effrontery to think that my thoughts – MY thoughts – could possibly be worthy of public, online documentation.

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