I’m a twenty-something PhD student, writing a thesis on the history of 18th century cartoons. I live in London, and can often be found lurking in libraries, pubs and parks. My greatest achievement to date has been the invention of the velocipede the realisation that Nutella and peanut butter go exceptionally well together.

I have a much-loved but highly dysfunctional family, and experience of depression and anxiety (oh lucky, lucky me!). Nonetheless, I’m doing OK. I am a feminist trying to muddle her way through conflicts of principle and lipstick.

As a teenager, I looked like this:


As I grow older, I suspect I may end up looking more like this: 


When not offending the general public, I publish once or twice-weekly posts on the things I’ve described above: depression, academia, feminism, and being generally hilarious.

Some posts are VERY SERIOUS and others are silly. I hope you find something among the verbal detritus that amuses you, interests you, or maybe even makes you feel better in some way.


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