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The Lady and the Leopard: A (very) short story

I virtually never venture into fiction, but the idea for this short story popped into my head after watching a WWF advert. That’s World Wildlife Fund, not the World Wrestling Federation. Anyway, I make no claims to literary merit, I just found it fun to write.

The debris of last night’s birthday party confronted Kitty as she thumped downstairs, ruefully surveying the wasteland of empty glasses and overflowing ashtrays. After rummaging in the kitchen cupboards for black sacks, she began to make a half-hearted sweep of the front room, brushing paper plates, stale ‘party nibbles’ and everything else into the bag between her fingers. As the bag filled, Kitty started to tie the ends together in a neat bow, but paused when she noticed an unopened envelope that had accidentally been picked up with the empty ones. Another card. Putting the bag down – and spilling four crumpled paper napkins from it as she did so – she tore at the seal, and withdrew a card:

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